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The Slob is a platform action game that puts you in the skin of a slug-like alien creature as he traverses across a number of colorfully rendered alien worlds. The controls are fundamentally basic and anyone can join right in and play this game. They are very receptive and it’s very easy to time your jumps. The sound effects and music have a nostalgic flavor to them which in turn gives this game a charming quality that’s hard to come across these days. Playing The Slob online is recommended for nostalgic value.
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The Slob

Play The Slob The Slob is a side-scrolling action game that allows players to play as an alien to explore strange and exotic planets. You control your character with your keyboard as you run, jump and avoid obstacles through the increasingly difficult stages. Your “slug-like” character moves pretty fast, so be careful when speeding through all the levels that have pitfalls! You move by using the arrows on your keyboard. If you’re having problems with that, you can use alternate controls of “w”, “a”, “s” and “d”. If you’re looking for a new kind of platformer, then go ahead and give this game a try.

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