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The Guardian 2

Play The Guardian 2 Age Rating: All ages
The world is in danger and it is time for the Guardians to rise again. This is a time to save a village that has ignored and forgotten its heroes but it is a promise these heroes known as “Guardians” have made that they will come to save the world from the prevailing shadows of Evil. You are the hope of this world because a Demon is capturing people and has attacked the Island of Reverie. Play The Guardian 2 to show your bravery and determination to protect the honor of the words given by Guardians that they will come to save the world. Fight against evil powers with your sword and kill the Demon so that this world can see the clear and shining sky once again. If you think you have the potential and power to be a Guardian play The Guardian 2 and tell the Demon that where there is evil there is good. So Guardian it’s a rainy night and the world is in danger RISE for the rights of your men!
Use arrow keys to move. Press A to jump, interact with people and do other jobs. Press S to attack your enemies. Press Space bar to open inventory.

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