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Play Super Mario Crossover 2 online. Back in the latest, improved and most addicting version, Super Mario Crossover 2 has arrived! Pick your favorite hero and enjoy playing this classic adventure.
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Super Mario Crossover 2

Play Super Mario Crossover 2 Age Rating: All ages
The only game where you can find Mario, Luigi, Contra, Megamab, Bass, Ninja, Simon and many others, is none else but Super Mario Bros Crossover 2. All heroes with their unique attacks and abilities from the original game that they came from, all are brought here to find and defeat the evil Koopa! Although they all need to collect the golden coins and finding their way to the finish flag, know that only Mario and Luigi are able to jump over enemies in order to defeat them.
To navigate in the game menu use: Arrow keys to Navigate, Z to select and X for Back. Arrow keys to Move, Jump and Crouch. Z to Jump, X to Attack, S for Special Attack, Tab to change weapons. You can Change the Control Keys in Main Menu.

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