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Play Spy online. SPY is a clever robot that is able to do your bidding, it is actually capable of many things as long as the operator can control it properly... Can you control the SPY robot?
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Play Spy Age Rating: All ages
Spy is a very sophisticated game, you will be in control of a little square cube called the SPY. This little cube is very intelligent, it can make its way through buildings without alerting the people in it, it can only do this if the operator of the SPY is talented enough! Just recently a new virus has been developed, if just the smallest amount is released it is possible that it could wipe out an entire country of people! Its now your job to make sure this virus is never released to anyone, do you think your up to the task at hand?
To play this game you will need various keys on your KEY BOARD. Make sure you read the game instructions as they appear on the screen to fully understand the game!

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