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Legend of the gold robot

Play Legend of the gold robot Age Rating: All ages
YYour area has been attacked by an invincible evil wizard who is oppressing the local area. He must be stopped! There is only one person capable of doing this: YOU.

You must travel round the rich and interesting world looking for items to equip yourself with, money to buy other items, and of course pieces of a map to find the parts of the golden robot which is fabled to be the thing which can finally defeat the invincible wizard.

Going around the world of Legend of the gold robot, you spend time searching for items by digging in various locations, but you must be wary. Enemies who are minions of the evil wizard will attack you while you dig so make sure that you are equipped with the best possible weapons and armour.

YLegend of the Gold Robot is a turn based RPG type of game. Each day there are various things that you can do. You can visit the shop to upgrade your equipment, or visit the inn, where you can gamble to get some more money, and to hear rumours about the whereabouts of various items.

When exploring, you will spend quite a lot of time digging for treasure, which can be anything from a rusty bucket, to some much more valuable things.

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