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Play jumpRobot Age Rating: All ages
Do you like mumbo jumping? Do you like to take control of the whole universe and all the planets of this universe? If yes play Jumping Robot. You have to take control of the whole universe by jumping your robot from one planet to the other and from smaller planets to the largest. Largest planets can be easily occupied but real deal is to jump on the smaller planets. Jumping Robot is all about jumping and responding quickly to the actions. If you think that your nerves can take the burden of heavy concentration you should play Jumping Robot. Fight your enemies, teleport among different dimensions but do not forget to achieve your goal within time or you will lose. Jumping Robot is a quest in which you need to be alarmed and ready each and every second to make your move. If you are ready, click on PLAY button to explore the world of Jumping Robot.
Press LEFT mouse button anywhere in the screen to make your rotating robot jump in that direction. Try to get the floating stars to get bonus 10 points and Hearts to restore your lost lives. Get the shield or else your enemies may kill your robot.

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