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Elephant Quest

Play Elephant Quest Age Rating: All ages
If someone is bullying you and you do not know how to take tackle this problem here is a game that will teach you what to do in this condition. Elephant Quest is an interesting adventure of a blue Elephant who sets out on a journey to take his bowler back from an evil elephant Woly. When he starts his quest he meets many elephants that have been harassed by Woly who guide him in proceeding forward. He determines not only to take back his bowler but to fight for others freedom from the evil Woly. You can enjoy this adventure by jumping around in the interesting scenarios set for you and combating with enemies with the help of your gear. So if you think you are ready for an amazing adventure just play Elephant Quest.
There are a few instructions for you. You can move your elephant with the help of either the arrow keys or W, A, S, D keys. You can use W for Up, S for Down, F for right and A for moving in the left direction. Use DOWN key or S key to move the elephant through doors. Shoot your enemies by pressing the left mouse button.

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