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Play ALIEN SQUAD Age Rating: All ages
Run! Run! Aliens are attacking the spaceship. Your spaceship has been attacked by aliens and you are the only crew member left behind. All other crew members have been rescued by the rescue team but you have to make through these aliens in order to save your life. Alien Squad is a game based on the adventure of the only crew member left behind in the destroyed spaceship. You have to help him out or else he will be killed by the cruel and deadly green aliens. In this adventure you have to pass hurdles, solve puzzles and kill all the aliens that come in your way. You can use different combos and weapons to destroy them and save yourself. If you have the courage and stamina to start a war against horrible aliens then you should play Alien Squad and enjoy this adventure. Do not ignore the instructions that appear during the game.
Use Arrow keys to move. Press C to duck. Press Z to attack and press ZZ+XX to perform combos. Press A to open inventory and Press S to change weapons

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