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Play Achilles Age Rating: All ages
Do you want to get into war as Achilles the greatest of Greek heroes? Achilles is going to start war against his enemies to prove that no one can stand against the Greeks. If you want to enjoy the valor and feel the fearlessness of Greek warriors play Achilles. You have a sword and shield to kill your enemies all alone. This game is based on the idea of Trojan War when Achilles showed his valor and bravery to win pride for him. You can also enjoy the feeling to be a great Greek Hero by playing this game. Play this game and go back to time when people used to fight with the help of swords and arrows. The most difficult job is to kill boss but if you have courage to face the terror you can definitely kill him and finish this war off.
Use W, A, S, D and Arrow keys to move. Press T or 5 to attack and press Y or 6 to kick the opponent. Press the DOWN key to shield.

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