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Play Yin Finds Yang online. Yin Finds yang is a great physics game where you have to manipulate the physics laws to bring together yin and yang . Do everything you can to bring yin to connect ( touch ) yang .Remove blocks ,make stuffs collide with each other use slopes to make stuff slide . Do all this to bring the two circular elements together
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Yin Finds Yang

Play Yin Finds Yang Age Rating: All ages
Yin finds Yang is a physics based puzzle flash game based on getting two halves of a Yin Yang together by knocking into each other.
There are various objects in the game world which you can break by clicking on them which sets things in motion. The motion moves the Yin or Yang ball to roll or drop to another platform.
Several of the stages need to be done with careful timing because you have to set one of the Yin Yang balls in motion, before setting the other one going and they have to hit each other.
Each level of Yin finds Yang will probably take some experimentation to get it right because there are many different parts to many of the level, and when you add critical timings it will take some practice to get right.

Use the mouse to click on objects in the game world. This will remove them from the area, setting things in motion. The objective is to hit the Yin ball and the Yang together in the shortest possible time.
Your score for the level decreases if you take longer on a level.
You can press R at any time to restart the level.

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