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X-Fightingpet 1.5

Play X-Fightingpet 1.5 Age Rating: All ages
Xfighting pet is a pet fighting FLASH GAME . The case is simple! Have you ever seen a pet fighting? No? . Then in that case have you seen a pet having element skills? No again? Well then this awesome game will excite you as X-fighting pet features pet game fighting in a role based 3D texture game . Fight to the end with your pet controlling elements of nature and destroying the vivid pets and Bosses that will come against you
Direction control: button A—left, D—right,W—jump, J-attack(constant pressing button J can use maylee) ,K—magic attack, L-huge power(so powerful but not unbeatable to kill anything) When the amount of energy achieves some level, magic attack and huge power can be released.

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