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Play Stickmaster Age Rating: All ages
Do you want to be the greatest man in this world? Have you ever dreamt of becoming the most powerful person in this world? If yes then you should play Stick master. This game is based on the story of a Ninja who wants to become the greatest Stick master of this world. To achieve his goal he’ll have to kill all his foes and earn honor for him. Finally, he starts his quest for honor and power. You are the only one who can help him out. In Stick master, you will play the character of a person who has started a quest for honor, power and justice. You will have to kill all the greatest ninjas of this world to become the greatest Stick master. You will come by many dangerous ninjas who will try to defeat you with their swords. But a true Ninja never loses so you will fight them with your tricks and gain experience. With the completion of levels you will get weapons to kill your enemies easily and earn honor for you. So if you think you are ready for this courageous adventure play Stick master.
Use ARROW keys to move. Press A to attack. Press S for energy attack. Press D and F for Ninja Star and Bomb respectively.

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