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Ninja Rampage

Play Ninja Rampage Age Rating: All ages
Ninja Rampage is an outstanding action based game and all those who love the Ninja outlook would love to play it. The primary goal of this action game is to finish the game by killing at the opponents that are guarding. One of the best means to kill them is the time while they have their back turned on you. you have to plan your attacks accordingly and it is better to look out for different kinds of traps. You can even kill them while they are seeing you; however, this is going to make you lose your health. You should better stealth over assaulting them and get wherever you have to reach.
You are required to make use of your keyboard while you want to play this game. To make your moves, you are required to make use of the arrow keys; on the other hand, you can make use of D, S, A keys to attack.

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