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Play Mouth Age Rating: All ages
Keep your mouth away from cigarettes!

When trying to stop smoking have you ever had the urge to beat up cigarettes? Now is your chance. Beat those cravings with explodey, squishing, and blasty weapons in a fun cartoony flash game.

Playing Mouth, you play ,,, well, a mouth armed with a variety of different weapons which you can use to beat the cigarettes away. Watch your health though as each cigarette which catches you will drop your health down.

When you play Mouth, you can pick up powerups along the way to boost you and additional ammunition to keep you going. Much like real life, when you are giving up smoking, sometimes you need a little extra to keep you going.

Space to shoot. Right and left arrow keys to move. Up to jump (Which you will need to do to get at the health bonuses which fly around), and down to change between different ammunition types. There are two green buttons at the ends of the playing area. If you attack both of them, you will get more ammunition drop down from the background.

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