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Metal Slug Crazy Defense

Play Metal Slug Crazy Defense Age Rating: All ages

Metal slug crazy defense must be the mother of all adventures. You earn your points by killing your numerous enemies who come to attack in battalions. A group against one has never been easy but the sweetest part of this game is, whenever you kill an enemy, you get rewarded and by collecting a lot of money, you may get your weapons upgraded.

Some of the enemies will try to bring down your city and wont even bother shooting at you. However, you must be ware of others like Tarma who will shoot at you on sight. The enemies will come in chariots and planes so you have to be careful, you may not be able to tell from where theyll attack from so to be on the safe side, you can obtain a helicopter from the shop which will give you a better advantage against your enemies. The earlier you start shooting the better, you need those points desperately to be equipped enough to fight these enemies. This will earn you more points and your profile will be building up.

After 11 levels, youll find the overall enemy leader who you must kill if you are to advance to the next level.

Take down the incoming waves of enymy troops before they overwhelm you. Earn points by killing the enemies and use them to upgrade your weapon.

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