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Mass Mayhem 2

Play Mass Mayhem 2 Age Rating: All ages
You got the chance you have been dreaming of for playing hero and saving humanity from everything bad. This chance at the tip of your fingers with the new and improved game, Massive Mayhem 2. The game offers you destruction driven by good intention. Now you have a good reason to kill people and destroy everything along your path to saving lives.

With violence as weapon, defend humanity from evil through more drastic weapons of destruction and now even upgrade top notch arsenal. Make evil clans experience hell themselves and destroy everything that comes your way. In the game you can unlock achievements, create and enjoy combo skills to kill opponents and get hold of bonus materials to add to the flavor. Knock yourself out killing evil clans with weapons of your choice in your ever strong and now complete arsenal. Have fun walking around town blowing stuff out. Make rains of missiles and set parades of bombs.

The game is very easy with the easiest controls. Be damaging and move through obstacles coming your way. Use your mouse to select options and arrow keys to navigate, jump and aim. Use the spacebar to launch weapons and arrow keys to control missiles.

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