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Mario Kick Ass

Play Mario Kick Ass Age Rating: All ages
Are you aware of the all time favorite MARIO? If yes then here is a chance to kick the asses of all the famous gaming characters. Play MARIO KICK ASS to prove that Super Mario can still fight against all the enemies and can punch them down. Show the fighting skills of Mario and beat Gooma, Koopa and different gamin characters. To help you you can use different combos and win credits for this. Mario sets off for anther adventure to kick browser’s ass and you are going to help him out in this adventure. Mario Kick Ass isn’t the same Super Mario game that you used to play when you were a child. Mario Kick Ass is something bigger and adventurous. You need to be enthusiastic, powerful, eager and anxious in order to win the game. Your game starts from easy levels that go on becoming difficult and you have to fight courageously against your enemies. So if you think that you have guts to fight against enemies, play MARIO KICK ASS.
Use W, S, A, D for moving Mario here and there. Press J to punch and Press K to kick. Tap the direction keys to run. Enjoy Combos by using combinations of different keys.

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