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Maplestory Future City

Play Maplestory Future City Age Rating: All ages
Discover the secrets of Maplestory Future City and be the worlds saviour! Play as island warrior! Your main goal is to overcome the new monsters and BOSS. Make sure you reach level five with all the skills you will acquire. Jump, run and fight. As you rise up to the next higher level; HP, attacks and different attributes also increase – every level gives additional points to attributes. Speed up the game level. Join the store system of the game. There are various combos you can use. You will need for Axe gathered, above 50 combo is needed. And for Wolf above 50 combos is also needed. Stay focused on the plot because the game is basically revolving around the plot or story. Keep according to plot clearance. You will not be helpless even if it seems that you cannot beat the senior artificial monster. A potion can make a monster explode giving off money. Your experience is the key to the war against the strongest, to life, to survive.
Click start. Use the ARROW KEYS to go to desired direction. Use SPACEBAR to jump. Use the LETTER X to run. Use LETTER Z to fight. Be the saviour of Maplestory Future City. Remember that you should overcome the new monster and BOSS to be the worlds saviour..

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