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Hobo 3 Wanted

Play Hobo 3 Wanted Age Rating: All ages
For those game lovers who like action plus adventure games HOBO 3 is a full pack of adventure, action and enthusiasm. You need eagerness and courage to play the role of HOBO 3 who is a criminal and has escaped from jail and you have to rescue him not only from Police but also from other criminals and rascals. You enjoy the life of a single man army by playing hobo 3. He sets off on an adventure to fight for his freedom. He fights Police kill pedestrians and finishes off other gangs in the city to regain his honor and respect. In his fight you are the only person who can help him out and rescue him from going back to jail. Play HOBO3 to show some action and live the life of a fearless criminal wandering on streets.
You can use the arrow keys for movement. Press A to punch enemies and pick or throw objects. Press S to kick and damage your enemy. You can use several combos by trying different combinations of A and S. Press P to learn different combos in order to kill your enemies quickly. The only way to unlock advanced combos is to fight and kill your enemies.

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