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Play Epic Charlie online. Epic Charlie is here and ready for you to play, climb narrow spaces by jumping off walls, sprint as quickly as possible to jump over big holes or to avoid enemies, collect the coins and make your way to the white door!
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Epic Charlie

Play Epic Charlie Age Rating: All ages
Its time to play a great adventure game. The name of the game is Epic Charlie, you will take on the role of Charlie and make your way through each level. You will be able to climb narrow spaces by jumping off walls, run super fast using your energy until you get where you need to be, fly in a rocket and skip the dangerous traps, and dodge the enemies best you can otherwise who know what might happen! This game is very addictive and great fun to play so give it a whirl and tell your friends about it!
To play this game you will need your arrow keys to move around, S to jump and D to shoot.

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