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Play Cactus McCoy online. Make your way through 12 epic stages to return a stolen cursed gem which turned you into a Cactus. Hurry, before the curse turns you into stone!
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Cactus McCoy

Play Cactus McCoy Age Rating: All ages
Cactus McCoy is a well made side scrolling platform game which combines many of the best elements of side scrolling adventure game together into this flash based game. You play as a thief who was hired to steal a gem. It turns out the gem was cursed, and it turns you into a talking, talking fighting cactus!

Your original employer has posted a bounty to try and capture you for not bringing him his gem. Unfortunately, you have to try and get rid of this curse otherwise you will be turned to stone.

Like all good side scrollers, the game play of Cactus McCoy has a variety of different levels with different goals. However the real magic of the game shines with the varieties of different weapons and enemies.

To fight back against the bounty hunters, you have access to a variety of amusing weapons, from the mundane machete or revolver, to a banjo and a bucket of scorpions!

The first level has instructions on what the different moves are, but here are some tips:

Make sure that you read the introduction to the different levels, as there are different achievements which you can gain extra cash which you can spend on upgrades.

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