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Berzerk Ball

Play Berzerk Ball Age Rating: All ages
The anticipated expansion pack to the original homerun game has a diverse range of new weapons, a new look and design, plus you get to hit an overweight nerd into the stratosphere with a sexy new character! When you play Berzerk Ball, you start out with a fly swatter, and wham your berzerk ball using timed clicks of the mouse for elevation and power to get the maximum range. Along the way, you get 'help' throwing the nerd around by various creatures which you bounce off, get fired onwards, or slowed down by being slimed. Watch out for the purple coins which give you cash bonuses - every little helps. Spend your cash on better clubs, more equipment which give you bonuses to various things, and other fun items. You can get level ups which add to your strength to wham the nerd that bit further, more accuracy and better control over the nerd while he is in flight. don't
Click the mouse button once to choose the elevation, and then again for the amount of power. Getting the most from it is a little tricky. When you have sent the Berzerk ball going, you can guide it using the arrow keys to hit some of the bonuses or one of the rebound things.

Don't worry about the blood spurts when he hits the ground, this is a highly trained nerd. Besides, he has a wide range of snarky comments to say at you at the end.

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