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Bed and Breakfast 2

Play Bed and Breakfast 2 Age Rating: All ages
Ever wondered what it is like to run a busy bed and breakfast? Find out in this frantic sequel to the bed and breakfast game. You control the owner of a hotel and have the ability to buy add-ons to the hotel and people to do work for you.

Each add-on you choose can make life easier for you or earn you more money. Speed is vital, so get rocket boots early on, and a chef helps too. You can add all kinds of things to the bed and breakfast such as a bar, more rooms, someone to walk dogs, and even a swimming pool.

This game will have you clicking around looking after your guests, so make sure that they are kept happy otherwise they will walk out, too many walkouts and you will close down.

Your guests will have things that they need doing, booking in, food made for them, and of course taking the money. The part of the screen flashes up when you need to do something, and you can see the customers getting bored while they are waiting.

At the end of each level, you have the opportunity to spend the cash you have earned, I would recommend getting rocket boots and a chef early on, then you have a choice of all kinds of things which earn extra cash.

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