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Armor Mayhem

Play Armor Mayhem Age Rating: All ages
In Armor Mayhem, Earth has lost its energy and there is no energy source left. Life on earth is at stake and it will be destroyed if Earthmen do not find an alternative energy source. After a long journey, a team of heroes found another source of energy on planet 01589. They have to get the energy source with them or their earth will be destroyed. From here the quest for the crystals bearing infinite energy starts. You are a member of the team and it is your obligation to bring the crystals or there will be no life left on Earth. You have to take the crystals with you to save your family, your friends and the whole humanity. This fight is for existence and the one who wins will exist by perishing the other. You are the hero of Armor Mayhem and you have to survive and kill your enemies.
Use W, A, S, D to move. Press E to order your team mates. Press DOWN to pick up weapons. Do not ignore the instructions while playing the game. Open maps to know your next destination.

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